Raffle Tickets

For the 2018 season, all football players and cheerleaders will be required to sell raffle tickets.  Our raffle this year is NEW and IMPROVED and features ALL CASH PRIZES.  The proceeds from the ticket sales will help with the cost of light rental near the end of the season when it is getting dark before practice is over.  This fundraiser also helps in covering the costs associated with running SGYAA.

Each football player will receive a total of 35 raffle tickets and each cheerleader will receive a total of 20 raffle tickets at Registration for a cost of $50.  The raffle tickets can then be sold to friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, etc. at a cost of $5.00 each.  You may choose to sell all, some or none of the raffle tickets.  If you sell all 35 raffle tickets, as a football player, or 20 raffle tickets, as a cheerleader, you will make back your TOTAL COST for Registration.  If you sell none, you will have more chances to win the raffle.

All money must be collected at the time the raffle tickets are distributed at registration so that we remain compliant with the conditions of our Small Games of Chance license.  Completed ticket stubs must be turned in at equipment handouts in order for the player or cheerleader to receive their equipment.  Equipment handouts will occur sometime in mid to late July.

Raffle Prizes:

(1) $300 Cash Prize

(1) $100 Cash Prize

(1) $50 Cash Prize

(2) $25 Cash Prizes

The prize drawing will occur during Homecoming for the Jets, which will be October 7.  Participants need not be present to win.

Donation Request Letters

As was done in past seasons, we are requiring all football players and cheerleaders fill out donation request letters.  The letters will be distributed at registration.  Each family (not individual player or cheerleader) must fill out and put stamps on a total of 5 letters (you will need 10 stamps).  These completed and stamped letters must be brought to equipment handouts in order for the participant to receive their equipment.  DO NOT MAIL THE LETTERS YOURSELF.  This fundraiser was a huge success the last 2 years!  

Although both fundraisers are mandatory, you may choose to do a buy out for one or both of these fundraisers.