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Revised and approved June 5, 2018



A.      The name of the organization shall be the Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association (SGYAA).

B.      The purpose of this organization is:

1.      To set up a program of supervised athletics for youth living in the Spring Grove Area School District on a strictly nonsectarian basis without distinction as to race, color or sex, thereby promoting  good character building, good citizenship, spiritual and physical development.

2.      To promote, by example, the highest standards of sportsmanship and good team fellowship, there by helping to build a better community in which to live, without financial gain or profit, incidental or otherwise to its members.



A.     Parent or legal guardian will receive automatic membership to the organization when registration fee is paid for player to participate in a sport.

B.     Membership can be suspended or revoked permanently due to actions or behavior detrimental to the good of the club.  See Article XVIII.



A.     Regular meetings shall be held the fourth Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 P.M, during the season and at 7:00 PM during the off season.

B.     Special meetings may be held at the call of the president or upon written request from five (5) members.  Such meetings will require a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours notice by the president, who will set the time and place of the meeting.



A.     Each parent or legal guardian present shall have one (1) vote upon any motion presented at any regular or special membership meeting, provided they have attended three (2) regular or special meetings in the past six (6) months.



A.     Four (4) officers in good standing shall be a quorum for the membership meetings and meetings of the elected officers.  If four (4) officers are not present, no voting may occur until the next meeting or the President may call a special meeting where voting will occur.



A.     All volunteer clearances must be in line with the York County Youth Football Association (YCYFA) volunteer criteria.

B.     All volunteers requiring clearances are responsible for obtaining proper clearances per York County Youth Football Association (YCYFA) criteria.



A.     The Officer Board of the organization shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and athletic director.  The officers of the organization shall be members in good standing prior to their elections.

B.     The Executive Board shall consist of the Officer Board, Cheer Coordinator and four (4) board members.  The executive board of the organization shall be members in good standing prior to their elections.


A.     PRESIDENT – The President shall oversee all operations pertaining to Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association (SGYAA).  He/she shall represent the organization before the public, either personally or through delegates, and shall perform all other functions usually attributed to this office.

B.     VICE-PRESIDENT - The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in case of his/ her absence or disability and shall succeed to the President in the event of the President’s resignation and /or removal from office.  He/she will perform other duties as assigned by the President.

C.     SECRETARY – The Secretary shall maintain files on the members of the organization and participating children.  He/she shall assist the President with the correspondence of the organization. He/she shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings.  He/she shall be custodian of all records that pertain to the functions of the organization.  He/she shall keep a book containing the Constitution and By-Laws at each meeting.  He/she shall keep a record of attendance of the membership meetings. He/she shall be an eligible co-signer along with the President and Treasurer of financial accounts.

D.     TREASURER—The Treasurer shall hold the funds of the organization and disburse them upon approval of the Officer Board during the fiscal year of January 1st to December 31st.  He/she shall keep an account of the receipts and disbursements, report to each membership meeting and prepare an annual financial statement for publication to members at the February meeting.  He/she shall present the books to a certified public accountant for auditing and tax preparation after March 15th.  He/she shall keep the President and elected officers informed of the financial condition of the organization.  He/she shall perform duties connected with the organization’s insurance program.  He/she is responsible for reimbursing Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association (SGYAA) members, only if proper receipts are received.

E.      ATHLETIC DIRECTOR – The Athletic Director shall coordinate the uniformity of play between all teams and maintain good communication between coaches.  He/she shall be responsible for meeting player eligibility and requirements for all teams set forth by the York County Youth Football Association (YCYFA).  He/she shall be aware of the safety and well-being of all players.  He/she shall assist to organize and conduct player registration.  He/she shall work closely with the Treasurer concerning the management of medical payments and insurance.  He/she shall act as the spokesperson for the organization.  He/she shall be responsible for the scheduling and cancellation of practices and games in cooperation with school authorities.  He/she shall conduct a meeting during the season with coaches to review coaching guidelines and conduct and hold weekly meetings during the season with head coaches.  He/she shall try to promote sportsmanship and develop character among participants.  He/she shall present to the executive board, for approval, a list of head coaches and assistant coaches prior to the season.  He/she shall appoint an Assistant Athletic Director upon approval of the Executive Board.  He/she shall oversee all practices, home games and away games, as needed.  If he/she is unavailable, a board member shall be appointed to stand in.  He/she shall oversee equipment hand-outs and turn-ins.  He/she shall assist in completion of certificates.  He/she shall attend the York County Youth Football Association (YCYFA) meetings and bring the information back to Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association (SGYAA).

1.      If in good standing, the registration fees of the children of the Officer Board shall be covered.



A.     OFFICER BOARD – The elected officers shall be responsible for the management of the organization.  They shall engage in open conversations regarding policies with the Executive Board and membership and vote on policies presented by the membership.  In the specific case of dismissal of an officer, executive board member, coach or member; such cases shall be reviewed by a special meeting of the Officer Board.

    1.      The Officer Board has the ability to replace any officer or board member that falls out of good standing with the organization.  Good standing includes, but is not limited to, meeting attendance and adhering to the rules set forth in Article XVIII.

B.    BOARD MEMBER – The board members are responsible for helping the officers oversee the management of the organization.  They shall be responsible for things such as, but not limited to, concessions, fundraising, equipment management and events.


C.    CHEER COORDINATOR – The cheer coordinator is responsible overseeing all aspects of the cheer program.

    1. If in good standing, the registration fees of the children of the Executive Board shall be covered.


A.     The office of President and Treasurer shall be elected for a two (2) year term being elected on even numbered years.

B.     The office of Vice-President, Secretary & Athletic Director shall be elected to a two (2) year term being elected on odd numbered years.

C.     The offices of Board Members and Cheer Coordinator shall be elected to one (1) year terms. Whenever the offices of both the President and Vice-President become vacant between elections the remaining members of the elected officers shall choose one of their members to serve as President until the membership can fill the vacancies.

D.     Whenever offices become vacant, other than President, the elected officers shall choose a member to fill the vacancy until the membership can elect a replacement.

E.      If a position becomes available during a non-election year, the elected replacement will fulfill the remainder of the current term and the subsequent two (2) year term.



A.     Nominations will take place during the month of November, the membership will nominate candidates for all available board positions.  They will be presented and voted upon at a special December meeting.  The date of the December meeting will be determined at the November meeting.

B.     To be eligible to vote, a person must be a member in good standing as per Article IV.

C.     At the special December meeting, the members shall vote for board members by secret ballot, if more than one (1) nominee is nominated.  If unopposed, a voice vote will be satisfactory.   New board members shall assume duties beginning January 1st.



A.     Football practices should be limited to three (3) or four (4) days a week, with no more than six (6) hours of contact practice per week.  A walk-thru practice may be held on Fridays, at the discretion of the coach.  The Athletic Director, due to weather conditions, can change start times and end times of practice and will notify the Secretary so that adequate communication can go to parents regarding the change.

    1. Refunds may be given for first year rinks playing football, if requested by the parent/guardian to the Athletic Director before the first week of mandatory practice is over.  Other refunds shall not be given after mandatory practices have started, for football or cheerleading, for any reason.

B.    Cheerleading practices shall be organized by the Cheer Coordinator and shall not exceed six (6) hours of practice per week.



A.     The Land, Building and Emergency fund can be used at the discretion of the Officer Board with a majority approval.

B.     SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE shall consist of the President, Secretary and Athletic Director. The President shall contact the school and see that applications are in the guidance office by January of each year.  Once they are received the committee shall review all eligible applications and select the recipient/recipients.



A.     In the event of the demise of this organization, all property shall be given to such organizations whose objectives closely parallel this organization, provided such organizations have a legal non-profit status according to Pennsylvania State law.



A. The Constitution and By-laws may be amended by the majority vote at any officer meeting. 

B.     All approved amendments shall be published and written into the Constitution and By-Laws.



A.     The Constitution and By-Laws shall be ratified and effective upon the majority vote of the active officer board of the organization.

B.     The Constitution and By-Laws shall be reviewed in January of each year by the officer board, at a special meeting, to be sure that they are being upheld and are up to date with the direction of the organization.



A.     All head coaches and assistant coaches shall be approved by the executive board.  All football coaches need to become USA Football Heads Up certified before the first day of mandatory practice in order to coach.  No exceptions. 

1.      All coaches will sign a code of conduct and abide by all rules set forth by Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association (SGYAA) and York County Youth Football Association (YCYFA).



A.     In order to participate in a sport, all players, coaches, and parent or guardian must sign a written code of conduct and will not be allowed to play or coach until that form has been properly signed and returned.

B.     Coach’s decisions are final in regards to player’s involvement.

C.     All parents will confine discussions with coaches to the times set forth in the documentation received prior to the season.

D.  Upon a legitimate complaint, a player or parent must:

1.      Contact the head coach.  If not satisfied they must then:

a.      Contact the Athletic Director or Assistant Athletic Director for football or the Cheer Coordinator for cheerleading.

b.      Contact an officer of the organization in writing.

E.    Any violation of the York County Youth Football Association (YCYFA) code of conduct can result in a warning or further action, including suspension.

F.  Reasons for warning or possible further action to include, but not limited to:

1.      Any coach or player who conducts himself/herself in an ungentlemanly or unsportsmanlike- manner (which would reflect discredit to this program) could be removed from further participation. 

2.      No player, coach or any party associated with the Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association shall taunt, abuse, heckle or make any uncomplimentary remarks, whatsoever, to any opposing player, coach or official..

3.      Coaches or any party associated with the Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association is prohibited to smoke or chew tobacco during practice or game time.

4.      No alcoholic beverages are permitted at a club’s playing complex during practice hours or a scheduled league function.

5.      Never physically handle a player other than to demonstrate a football, cheerleading or basketball technique.  Charges can be filed against you if found otherwise.

6.      We request that all coaches and parents would attend at least one (1) meeting during the time of their seasonal sport.  This is the best way to stay informed.

7.      If and when a coach gets out of line or if his/her training techniques are not up to standards, the Officers of the Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association will take action and correct the problem.

G.    Reasons for suspension to include, but not limited to:

1.      Using abusive language.

2.      Making any obscene gesture in protesting any official’s decision.  (Only the head coach may ask for a clarification of a rule, BUT NEVER ARGUE)

3.      Throwing any object, including equipment, in an unsportsmanlike manner associated with any of the sports programs.

4.      Resorting to threatening language, roughness on the field, or in the gyms.

5.      Intoxication.

6.      Any immoral act

7.      Using, Distributing or selling of any kind of illegal substance.

8.      Any conduct that result in ejection from a game or contest.

H.    Punishment

1.      First offense will result in suspension for one (1) week.  Player or cheerleader must arrive to game fully dressed, but will be unable to participate.

2.      Second offense will result in suspension for the rest of year.

3.      May be reinstated after one (1) year of suspension, but will be placed on one (1) year probation.

4.      All punishments must be fulfilled before participation in ANY other SGYAA offered sport.



A.     Participants of all sports will receive;


2.       JACKET after receiving three (3) credited participation seasons for any player or cheerleader. 

3.       Individual player/cheerleader recognition will be given by each coach for special achievements throughout the season or at year end.  NO PHYSICAL INDIVIDUAL AWARDS, other than the certificate and pin, will be purchased or given by the organization.



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