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York County Youth Football Association Code of Conduct

Interscholastic and youth sports programs play an important role in promoting the physical, social, and emotional development of children. It is therefore essential for parents and guests to encourage youth athletes to embrace the values of good sportsmanship. I therefore pledge to be responsible for my words and actions as well as my guests and child(ren) to include but not limited to family and friends while attending a youth sports event and shall adapt my behavior to the following code of conduct:
1. I will learn the rules of the game and the policies of the league.
2. I and my guests as well as my child will encourage and promote sportsmanship by showing respect, shaking hands, refrain from verbal or physical assault, refrain from bring weapons, refrain from use of profane language or gestures towards any coach, official, or spectators at any YCYFA event, game, or practice regardless of sex, religion, race, creed, national origin or ability.
3. I and my guests as well as my child will not engage in the use of social media, including but not limited to YouTube, Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (list is not all-inclusive) to defame, insult, harass, or air grievances about any coach, official or spectator associated with any and all organizations within the YCYFA.
4. I and my guest will not attend or participate or encourage my child or any other person in a youth sports event setting while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
5. I will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss, or confront coaches at the game field, and will take time to speak with coaches at an agreed-upon time and place. I will coach my child or others during games and practice unless I am one of the coaches.
6. I will not approach an official at any time to discuss game situations.
7. I will be held responsible for any guests to include but limited to family and friends in attendance to ensure that they follow the above Code of Conduct.

I hereby agree that signing this Code of Conduct I understand that it is in good standings for 1 calendar year from date and that this is my written warning. Failure to uphold my end of the agreement will result in the following:
1. Fines will be based on the Code of Conduct Violation(s) starting at $100 per violation. As a parent I am responsible to pay the Organization for my violations. If I do not pay the organization, I can enquire more fines and suspensions.
2. Ejection from games will result in the suspension of attendance to the next game with a fine of $100. If I or my guests are ejected from the game, I understand that I will not be permitted to attend any other game(s), events, or practices until said fine is paid to the organization.
3. Suspensions will be based off the violations and repeat offenders will no longer be permitted at YCYFA events, games and practices until Suspension is served. Repeat offenders will be asked to come in front of the YCYFA Executive Board for farther discussion of behaviors.
4. I understand that I can appeal my fines, ejections, suspensions with the YCYFA by providing a $100 deposit for the appeal, the monies for the fine(s), sending a written statement to the YCYFA secretary and Assistant Commissioner. At that time all parties will be contacted and the YCYFA Executive Board will make a determination on the appeal. If the appeal is in your favor, you will be refunded the cost of the appeal and the fees associated with the violations. If the appeal is found not in your favor the YCYFA will not refund the appeal or fine(s) cost.
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