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Spring Grove Youth Athletic Association



Monday and Wednesday at the Spring Grove Middle School Lobby from 6-7:30pm. Practices start on Monday, 11/13. 


Games will be announced once they are set. 


Pictures will be held on a Thursday in December from 6-7pm.  The date is TBD. 

Spring Grove Christmas Tree Lighting:

The cheerleaders will join the Rocket cheerleaders in welcoming Santa for Spring Grove's Annual Tree Lighting and welcoming Santa on 11/30 at 6pm! 🎄🎅

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Goals & Objectives:

  1. This organization shall promote teamwork among the cheerleaders involved in the program. 

  2. This organization shall give positive publicity to the SGYAA. 

  3. This organization shall, by its own conduct, set an example of good citizenship and a positive representation of the SGYAA, SGASD, and the community. 

  4. This organization shall promote spirited, but orderly, crowd involvement at athletic events. 

  5. Football and football cheerleading is one program in its entirety, and will be treated as such. 

  6. To have FUN while learning skills to carry the cheerleaders through as they age out of SGYAA to middle school and high school. 

  7. Prepare cheerleaders for middle school cheer and above. 


  1. Cheerleaders must be between the ages of 5 and 13.

  2. Cheerleaders are required to attend all scheduled practices and games (including post-season and away games). If a cheerleader is unable to be present at a practice/game, his/her parent/guardian must notify the coach prior to the scheduled event.  Any unexcused absence may impact stunting participation and WILL receive demerit(s). They may be removed from stunting in the upcoming game for their safety and the safety of all cheerleaders. 

  3. Cheerleaders are strongly encouraged to attend any athletic banquets. 

  4. Games are NOT permitted to be missed, without prior communication with the squad’s head coach. 

  5. Cheerleaders will be expected to participate for the full season. The season includes any cheerleading showcases, playoff, and championship games. Cheerleaders may be required to participate in postseason games for teams that they were not representing during the regular season. As soon as the playoff dates are given to SGYAA, they will be relayed to parents. 

  6. Squad members should be supportive and positive in all interactions with one another, aiming to encourage and build each other up, not criticizing or gossiping about one another. There will be repercussions if this happens. 

General Rules: 

  1. Chewing gum or eating candy is not permitted at practices or games. This is a choking hazard and is for the cheerleaders safety. 

  2. No jewelry may be worn at practices or games. This is for the cheerleaders safety. 

  3. Nails must not exceed past the fingertips. No fake nails. This is for the cheerleaders safety. 

  4. Hair must be worn off the face and shoulders. Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be pulled back for practices and games. 

  5. Cheerleaders are to remain together throughout the game. Cheerleaders may not leave their area while the game is in progress. Cheerleaders should notify the coach of an emergency. 

  6. Friends and/or relatives will not be permitted at practice or with cheerleaders during a game. 

  7. There is NO eating of any kind during games (including halftime). Once the game is over, cheerleaders may go to the concession stand and get food as well as eat their snack from the team moms. This is a choking hazard and will not be permitted for safety. Please be sure your cheerleader is fed and will be able to wait until the end of the game to eat again.

  8. Cheerleading is a team sport, and it will be addressed as a team in SGYAA. If one cheerleader is not following the rules put forth in this contract, the entire squad may be punished. The coaches are at liberty to have cheerleaders run, do push ups, etc. when not following the rules and direction. 

  9. Cheerleaders are expected to be versatile. During this season you will be trying new positions. Enthusiasm for finding ways to support your team should be embraced. Since cheerleading is a team sport they will need to do the stunting position that is best for the squad. Coaches will do their best to accommodate requests, but it will ultimately come down to what the squad needs. 

  10. Stunting can be very dangerous. It is imperative that the cheerleaders understand the dangers of this. While stunting is fun, there are many safety concerns that will be discussed with the cheerleaders. Some, but not all, include:

    1. Proper cheer shoes must be worn. 

    2. No big jackets or bulky clothing. 

    3. Sweatshirts are allowed, but strings must be tucked away. 

    4. New stunts will not be tried for the first time at games.

    5. Coaches and teammates will spot all new stunts.  

    6. Coaches reserve the right at any time to change out flyers, backs, front spots, or bases at any time.  

    7. Stunt groups are created at the discretion of the coach but will be formed by taking into account strength, height, and skill of all cheerleaders.  

    8. Coaches may hold a group accountable for dropping a stunt or performing a stunt unsafely, including extra conditioning or “grounding” a group for a time.  

    9. No tumbling or stunting skills are to be done until the coach arrives and gives permission.

  11. Attire for practices/games are as follows:

    1. No jeans or denim. 

    2. Shirts must be worn over sports bras and shorts must be an appropriate length.

    3. If your child would like to have face paint or special game day makeup, please provide this to them and make sure this is done before warm-up. They can not be shared. 


  1. The official uniform may only be worn for athletic events or time specified by the coordinator. 

  2. Cheerleaders are responsible for purchasing some items for the uniform, which are all club approved. Every cheerleader and family will be told what SGYAA provides, as well as the items they will need to purchase. Anything purchased by the families will be kept and not returned, along with warm up jackets. 

  3. The uniform pieces provided by SGYAA include the uniform skirt. 

  4. Uniforms (skirt) must be cleaned after each game; Washed on cold and air dried. The uniform must be free of stains, tears, and blemishes. Uniforms will be inspected at the end of each season and before being handed out to cheerleaders, and they are expected to be returned in the same condition as when they were handed out. 

  5. At uniform fittings you will be required to bring a $100 check post dated for 3/01/2024. If uniforms (skirt) are not returned in good, usable condition at the end of the season, the $100 equipment deposit will be cashed. This also includes pom poms. 

  6. If for some reason you are unable to make the equipment hand in date(s), please contact the cheerleading coordinator as soon as possible to set up another time to hand in your cheerleaders uniform. If the uniform (shell and skirt) are not turned in during the designated turn in date(s) without proper communication otherwise, the $100 equipment deposit will be cashed. 

  7. All pieces of uniforms must be brought to all events. This includes the shell, skirt, crop, warm-ups, pom poms, bows, etc. 

Parent Expectations: 

  1. Parents support, dedication, and reinforcement that cheerleaders are expected to be examples in conduct, athleticism, and leadership. They are expected to be committed to attendance and participation throughout the year. Parents are also expected to volunteer two hours of their time through the season at games. These opportunities will be emailed to parents as we have home games. 

  2. Please communicate directly with the coaches or the cheerleading coordinator regarding attendance or other concerns throughout the season! Messages regarding attendance will not be accepted from another party (including other parents, other cheerleaders, and other board members that you may receive other SGYAA related emails from), just to ensure that all information regarding your child is correct and to your knowledge.   

  3. Parents must be in our Band App group chat for their cheerleaders squad. This will be how coaches communicate with parents. There will NOT be group text messages. 

  4. Coaches are not responsible for cheerleaders until practice begins. Cheerleaders are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian until then. 

  5. All cheerleaders are required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian to all games unless the parent/guardian states otherwise to the coach. (Telling the cheerleader to relay this information will not suffice.) If we start to have problems with this, a sign in/out sheet will be required.

  6. All cheerleaders are required to be dropped off and picked up on time by a parent/guardian unless the parent/guardian states otherwise to the coach. (Telling the cheerleader to relay this information will not suffice.) If we start to have problems with this, a sign in and out sheet will be required. If this becomes an ongoing problem, it will be addressed by the cheerleading coordinator and assistant cheerleading coordinator. 


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